Cherry Glamour are intense in flavour (18 - 24 degrees Brix), dark red colour, crispness, great firmness and measurements raging between 28 and 32 mm, are one of the best varieties of cherry available at any time of year.

The company's production philosophy is based on integrated production, GLOBAL GAP  and the use of ecological cultivation techniques (using natural predators etc.). The cherries are picked daily, at the point of having ripened to perfection, and are dispatched on that same day, so that the client receives a natural product, with all its freshness and flavour.

300 grams (0.661 lb) format

1500 grams (3.306 lb) format

200 grams (0.44 lb) format

500/900 grams (1.10/1.98 lb) format


Stages of growth

3rd week in jenuary

1st week in february

3rd week in february

2nd week in march

3rd week in march



Registered patent

P 200800082 (6)
ES S.A.T. Edoa 1446 Cat
Suchs - Lleida - Spain
Data: 19-10-2010


We comply with the requirements of GLOBALGAP certification of good practices in agriculture.

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