S.A.T. Edoa

S.A.T. EDOA is a Spanish company, located in the Ebro valley, near the Pyrenees in the province of Lleida, specialized, after years of research, production and marketing of early cherry.
EDOA SAT was the first and only company in the world, with patent pending, which has managed to produce cherries in March.

Our brand of cherries, registered

          Cherries-Glamour presentation




Registered patent

P 200800082 (6)
ES S.A.T. Edoa 1446 Cat
Suchs - Lleida - Spain
Data: 19-10-2010


We comply with the requirements of GLOBALGAP certification of good practices in agriculture.

SAT Glamour Edoa

c/ Sant Isidre 2
Sucs - Lleida - Spain
Tel. +34 687804021
Fax +34 973748212